Thursday, April 30, 2009

Online marketing 'doing much better' than other advertising platforms

Internet marketing is likely to perform well this year in comparison to other forms of media, which may suffer during the recession.

This is the view of Eva Berg-Winters, assistant director at PricewaterhouseCoopers Strategy, who claimed the internet will be the most successful advertising platform in 2009.

She acknowledged that the months ahead will be difficult for all of those involved in advertising, but insisted that due in part to its "accountability and measurability", the web will stand up to economic difficulty.

And she added: "People are sending more time online, especially during the week but also on the weekends. Our media consumption is changing and that is of course also driving ad dollars."

According to the latest Marketing Trends Survey from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, one in ten marketers are optimistic that the UK economy will pick up in the next 12 months.

Seven out of ten said they thought economic conditions would worsen over the year ahead.

Internet to overtake TV, presenting online marketing opportunities

The internet will overtake traditional television to become the most consumed form of media in 2010, providing current trends continue.

This is the conclusion of a new report from Microsoft, which shows that consumers will be spending an average of 14.2 hours on the web next year.

By comparison, an average of 11.5 hours a week will be spent watching television as more consumers catch up on programmes online.

The research shows that among 18 to 24-year-olds, more than one in four regularly watch television online, while one in seven never watch live TV.

Microsoft points out that this shift in consumer behaviour is shaping the advertising landscape, with internet marketing become a more popular platform.

"It is clear that people are willing to accept digital advertising as a price for free content and services across multiple platforms," the company stated.

Research carried out recently by accountants KPMG revealed that 60 per cent of internet users would rather watch an online advert in exchange for free content than pay for the content.

Internet usage in North America!

Total Internet users for North America—337,167,248. North America has the highest Internet penetration rate in the world with 73.6%.(Internet World Stats, 2008)

North America Internet users enjoy the fastest and most reliable connections. The average response time for North America is the lowest in the world at 117ms. (Internet Traffic Report, February 2009)

Active Home Internet users for the US--143,683,489. (Nielsen/NetRatings, 2006)

The Internet is the second most commonly used medium after television. (Internet Statistics Compendium, 2006)

The Pacific Northwest Region (Oregon and Washington) have the highest adult Internet Access in the nation—68%. (Pew Research Center, December 2002)

Active Internet domains on the web approaching 76 million. (September, 2006