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Avoid Swine Flu--->Work from Home!

This whole deal with the swine flu and the position people take on it...
Is the government behind creating a biological weapon to sterilize women and control the population?
Was the swine flu virus engineered by a country with a state of the art facility to mesh these 4 types of flues?
These flues are as follows:

  1. Human influenza

  2. Bird Flu from North America

  3. Swine flu from Europe

  4. Swine flu from Asia

What is the big deal with this H1N1 flu virus anyway?...When more people have died in the last 6 days from the seasonal flu than have died from the swine flu in the last 6 months.
------->The worldwide total for seasonal flu related deaths is generally between 250,000 and 500,000 a year.
How many people have died from this swine flu since it came out???
5,712 as of November 2nd.


Why is the government putting a huge GUILT TRIP on the public, telling everyone to get the vaccine whether they are healthy or not?

Juliet Guichon, a bioethicist who teaches at the University of Calgary argues that all Canadians should get vaccinated, if not to protect themselves, then to protect those around them and the health care system in general.
Guichon noted in an opinion piece in The Globe and Mail recently,
“Every vaccinated person increases the likelihood that health-care professionals will be free to treat other people... If unvaccinated people make health-care workers sick, they cannot look after other patients. ”

............Yet the annual rate of health care workers getting flu shots has been hovering around 50 percent at most institutions for years.


Dr. Kumanan Wilson, the University of Ottawa’s Canada’s Research Chair in Public Health Policy, told the Medical Post he believed the H1N1 vaccine will be safe, but acknowledges the uncertainties surrounding it. He said a mandatory vaccination program may make “health-care workers feel like they are being pressured to take a vaccine that hasn’t adequately been tested, and that they would be the guinea pigs."


Is anyone in power going to care once this vaccine has been administered to millions of people? An excerpt from Dr. Mercola who posted a blog on Alex Jones' Prison goes as follows,

“There is virtually no science to support the safety of vaccine injections on your long-term health or the health of your children. Follow-up studies last on average about two weeks, and look only for glaring injuries and illnesses.”

Why do people over the age of 65 NOT need to get the vaccine for a deadly virus never before seen? They STATE that older adults might have been in contact a long time ago with a virus related to this one, therefore having a sort of natural immunity to it. I think this is a load of CRAP! I am no doctor, but from what I remember about basic science class is that viruses adapt and evolve, so how could ANYONE have ANY kind of immunity to something that has never been seen before at this genetic level? Sounds to me like the government couldn't care less about the elderly because they aren't going to be around much longer to cause the world as much grief as the people of younger generations are.

There are lots of questions that have sparked the interest of many people, and unfortunately there are as many answers FOR these arguments as there are against them. I cannot even begin to speculate, but the majorady of people will simply believe what they want to believe. I can try to suss out the facts that I can, but there are certain questions that will remain unanswered.

What I do know is...there are many benefits of working from home, and if you want to avoid swine flu, one of the best ways is NOT to be in a work environment where other people can contract it to you.

I know of many people who would and do come to work when they are sick...this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Even though everyone is advised to STAY HOME when they are sick, some people do not seem to care about the people around them. I believe it should be mandatory for people who are not feeling well, whether they are just a little bit sick or a lot sick to stay home until they get better---NO EXCEPTIONS!

You can make the choice to avoid all that!

There are so many BENEFITS to working from home and in this business.
Here you will find listed the TOP TEN that matter most to me...............

  • Hundreds of hours of TIME SAVED...No more PUMPING GAS FOR or COMMUTING to get to...WORK

  • Money saved in TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS (avoided by ones you purposefully or accidentally make, OR more so often the case--->ones you WANT TO MAKE (the ROAD RAGE that can materialize with all the MORONS ON THE ROAD)

  • Less STRESS avoiding BOSSES who get under your skin, or EMPLOYEES that need their hands held

  • No STOCK to worry about organizing or moving

  • The ultimate in FREEDOM---You are no longer a slave to your ALARM CLOCK---If you SHUT IT OFF, YOU WONT GET FIRED!

  • Reap the benefits of relying on oneself---continued self education is one key in the gratification of any business, your DREAM LIFESTYLE is WITHIN REACH!

  • Spend MORE TIME with YOUR LOVED ONES! WHO DOESN'T WANT more VACATION TIME? No more asking for time off or figuring when it will fit into the work schedule for this year--Employed Canadians forfeit an average of two days of vacation per year which could be used to relax or travel, totalling 32 million untaken days and $5.1 billion (CDN) in wages handed back to employers. EEEEK!

  • TAX ADVANTAGES----Guess what? When you work from home, YOUR HOME IS NOW ALSO YOUR OFFICE and you get a TON OF WRITE OFFS...just ask your accountant, and keep track of your receipts!

  • Get FINANCIALLY REWARDED for the work that you do---How many times have you accomplished something that made someone ELSE a lot of money---and you STILL GOT THE SAME PAY for it? FINALLY get MORE MONEY for what you put your elbow grease into---The limits are ENDLESS if you put your mind to it!

  • JOB SECURITY---This is a complete MYTH in the CORPORATE OR "NORMAL" working world. There is, however, NO RECESSION on the WORLD WIDE WEB!

  • Learn how it will WORK FOR YOU while you are SLEEPING!!!

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